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Encyclopedia Categories:

General Info Lesbian Bisexual Men's Cruising & Down Low Studies on Homosexuality Sex Laws Masturbation Male Sexuality Female Sexuality Body Transgender

General Info
glbtq: an encyclopedia of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender & queer culture
The original rainbow colors and their meanings
It is unlikely to get HIV from oral sex. Correct or Incorrect?
ham logo
The QueerNet/Alan Turing Program of the Online Policy Group (OPG) focuses on online policy issues of concern to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.
Better Sex University
The Gender Test
Families Like Mine
Newsletter, information, FAQ, and directory of resources for daughters and sons of GLBT parents.
Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Historical and Celebrity Figures
List compiled by David Anthony Wyatt, B.Sc. Notes resources.
Gay Rights Info
Congressional and state legislator voting records, information on state and local laws and policies on discrimination, hate crimes, adoption, and domestic partners, plus court decisions, employer information, and other resources.
Map of the Religious Right
See where the money is and where it comes from and where it is going. Take two aspirin and shudder.
Hope and Recovery from Sexual Addiction - Information and links for people suffering with sexual addiction and compulsivity.
Cybersex Addiction - A resource and referral information site for people seeking help with addictive or compulsive computer-based sexual activity and cyber-infidelity problems.
Sex Education Link Directory
A directory of scientific, medical, research, cultural, religious, and political sexual topics.
How to Put on a Condom Sex techniques, hints, and tips - tons of info here.
Men's Cruising & Down Low
the cruisin ground
on Biology and
Homosexuality and Biology

Recommended LGBT/Queer Studies Websites Diversity & Ethnic Studies

Sex Laws
Sex Laws
Roundup of sex laws of all kinds from around the world.
Age of Consent Chart
BDSM D/S and the law
Legal issues of concern to kinky people - Rumpoule is here to inform, educate and help you!
Masturbation's Masturbation Guide
Features a how-to guide for males and females, various techniques, and interesting stories on the history of masturbation.
Male Sexuality
Confidential Male Sexuality Information
Contains a variety of articles, personal experiences, and FAQs on male sexuality and masturbation.
SparkMD: Frequently Asked Questions About Male Sexuality
Information and guide about male sexuality.
Female Sexuality
All About My Vagina
An extensive site covering all aspects of the female genitalia.
Achieving Female Orgasm
Discusses secrets of the female orgasm and ways to achieve it.
Female Aphrodisiac
Educational information on female aphrodisiacs including methods to increase the female sex drive.
Everything you ever wanted to know about your sexuality, contraception and how to take good care of your body from your first period until your family is complete .
Immune System
Complete study of this system with an introduction, the fluid systems, innate immunity and adaptive or acquired immunity.
Based on The Illustrated Book of Sexual Records
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