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RainbowDepot the largest source of Pride merchandise on the web

Quadrant 99
Features news and message board focusing on the science fiction and fantasy genre.

Independent Gay Forum

Gay ICQ Chatroom
Chat with other gay's. Add uin 3281847 to your ICQ Userlist today!

The Back Door

(QueerNet Logo)


Male Forum

 – Telnet Only

Bear Tracks
- a frivolous scribble board for NetBears

RFBear Chatroom
- live chat rooms from

Bears Mailing List (BML) (Adult Only)
- info about the BML list serve

  (Adult Only)

Get Your Own Beseen BoardRoom!

Gay and Lesbian Information Bureau

Gay Dad Mailing List - for gay/bi dad's who would like to share the joy, pain, support and rewards of being a Father.

Gay Universe Board for Disabled Men - message board.

International website for gay males into loving, committed, monogamous relationships. We feature games, galleries, daily gay newsfeeds, friendship registry, boating club, internet directory. We support loving committed monogamous relationships and are also have our own MSN site with over 2,200 members.

LatinoWebspot - dedicated to men seeking Latino men.

OutSpace - chat space for gay men.

Paul's Waka Waka BBS - safe and fun place for gay chubbys (chubbies) chasers and bears.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Lesbian Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Mailing Lists





IRC #deafqueer
Popular deaf queer IRC channel on TalkCity.

#GayAsian (Undernet)
An active site for the gay Asian community and the homepage for the #GayAsian IRC channel. Member profiles, IRC FAQ's and more.

Gay Chubs N Chasers
Homepage of GAY IRC chat channel on DALnet for gay chubbymen and their admirers (chasers). Instructions to chat with us, info & pix of Ops and some regular users. FREE listings.

GayArab EFnet
A web site supporting the Gay Arab channel on EFnet IRC(chat) servers. This channel has been in continuous operation since 1995. The main objective is to offer support for the gay Arab. There have been several gatherings around the world and they maintain a mailing list with over 150 members worldwide. Please feel welcome to visit the website for more information. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) help archive
All you could ever possibly want to know about the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) system. Help on how to install and run the programs, netiquette on what (not) to say, Frequently Asked Questions and more. There is also a listing service for you to see what channels are currently operating and how many people are currently chatting up a storm.

Late to it Lesbians
Lesbian/Bi Community. UK Based, but has many US members. Private chat room, message boards, help and advice, news, useful links, computer/Internet help and tutorials. Over 300 active members. Make new friends/Lovers. Sit back and relax in a safe, friendly environment.

Out In America Free Gay and Lesbian Chat Service
Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Chat Service, also how to add a free chat room to your website or homepage! Various scheduled rooms to meet all interests and more. Go for it!

A masculine politically incorrect site. takes a humorous look at your masculine or feminine side. Site includes photo personals, a "masculinity" quiz, celebrity straightness ratings, bulletin boards, and much more!


QWorld Message Boards

Yahoo! Clubs for Lesbians

Alex's Garage
Chatroom for FTMs and friends. Drop in discussion most evenings. Not a sexually explicit site!

BigBoyMark Chub Chat!
The BigBoyMark community chat for large gaymen and admirers.

BiggerChat Network
IRC compatible chat server for the gay chub, chaser and bear community.

BM Chat
Chat site for Black men and their admirers.

Desert Pride Chat
Desert Pride gay and lesbian chat

G chat
Free chat, pics, email, personals, travel, guides, shopping and much more for the gay community!

Gay Arizona Community at Excite
Arizona's Valley of the Sun has never been hotter! Here's your place to meet new friends, find out what's happening, and chat live.

Gay Chat
free gay chat site, meet exchange phone always someone on line to chat with 24 hours a day.

Gay Los Angeles
Fully interactive gay web site offering, chat, message boards, cuseeme and so much more, all for free!

Gay Studs Chat
free Gay Chat with other gay men. Also, enjoy our hot links.

Gay.Com Chat House
Most popular free chat service for gays and lesbians. Plus, you can add a chat room to your web site for free.

GayArab Organization
Supporting gay Arabs in the #GayArabs channel on Undernet IRC

Dedicated Gay and Lesbian Chat Network accessible with the Web Browser you are using right now

The place where all of the coolest gay cyber geeks like to be - chat and more - free!

GLBT Chat Service - Out In America
Free GLBT chat site! Featuring Volano chat technology - Instructions on how to add GLBT chat to your website too!

Jock Chat Service
Free easy to use gay chat service in French.

Lesbian chat lesbian friends chatroom icq chat
lesbian chat lesbian friends chatroom icq

Liselotte's Love Connections and Chat Galaxy
Over 100 gay and lesbian chat rooms

Londongaymen Chat Room
London Gay Men's Chat Room
The on-line gay and lesbian community that never sleeps...

Paradox is a real-time talker supporting the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered community, and friends.

Rainbow's Petit Chateau
Korean site for gay men and their admirers.

SCAMP Arizona Lesbians
Join "THE" Lesbian Email List of Arizona - Make friends, find a mate, meet other couples, attend real life group events, visit our chatroom.

UK Gay Chat Room

Urge is a chat world made for gay, lesbian and bi youth who are coming out, questioning or just want to get in contact with other gay youth.

PlanetOut Personals Personals

Yahoo! Personals - Make them green w/envy


Free Member Profiles
Men Seeking Men

Women Seeking Women

Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual... Tell us how you identify!

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